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About the program

What is the B.C. Entrepreneur Program?

The B.C. Entrepreneur Program offers entrepreneurs a route to the canadian permanent residence and citizenship. Successful applicants enjoy the same rights as any canadian, including access to universal health care and education in the best schools.



In terms of age, education levels, and investment amount.

Direct path to permanent residence

Renewable every 5 years.

Issuance of a work permit

To allow coming to BC faster.

A pathway to citizenship.
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Who can apply?

Business ownership or managerial experience

Within the last 10 years: 3+ years as a business owner-manager OR 4+ years as a senior manager OR 1+ year as business owner combined with 2+ years as a senior manager

Net worth

Minimum $600,000 CAD


Post-secondary credential OR at least 3 years of experience as an active business owner in the last 5 years (100% ownership)

Business proposal

Must submit a business proposal to establish a new business or buy an existing one in B.C.


Minimum $200,000 CAD (and $1M equity investment in business if ownership will be less than 33.3%)

Job creation

Must create at least one full-time equivalent job for a Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident (average of 30 hours per week and 1,560 hours a year)

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A new intake period for the program is scheduled to start on September 10, 2018, to March 15, 2019. The quota for this intake period is 1,900 applications, of which 1,330 applications will be accepted from China (including Hong Kong and Macau).