Immigrant investors are rushing to apply in what is likely to be the last intake of the immigrant investor program before it is significantly reformed.

One of the most popular options for immigration, the recently reopened Immigrant Investor category has seen record levels of interest in 2017 amidst growing rumors that the program’s selection criteria and required investment amounts are to be reviewed in the near future.

In an announcement made on March 30, Immigration authorities in Canada announced that the popular program was due to reopen starting May 29, 2017. With an intake limited by a yearly quota of 1,900 applications, prospective applicants were rushing to submit their files and fill the limited spots in order to take advantage of the program’s
advantageous requirements.

Its required investment, guaranteed by the government, makes this program the safest, most transparent and most affordable immigrant investor option for high net worth individuals seeking to relocate in any G7 country.

But due to high demand, there is growing concern that Canadian immigration authorities will soon revamp the program to increase its investment and net worth requirements. It is also expected that future immigrant investors will be required to make active, at-risk investments in Canadian companies. Tellingly, this year’s announcements scrapped the Entrepreneur category, a more affordable option that had also gained in popularity in recent years.

Good Treatment for Latin American Countries

To ensure diversity within its business immigrants, Canadian immigration authorities have set forth policies to encourage applicants from outside major markets to apply to the country’s immigration programs.

The impact on Latin America has been positive over recent years. «We have seen a clear openness on the part of immigration authorities regarding applications submitted by Latin-Americans», observes Francis Tourigny, president of Exeo Attorneys, a law firm specializing in business immigration to Canada and to the United States. «If you were ever considering relocating to Canada, now is the right time to get started.