The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is an effective way to obtain permanent residence in order to live, work, study or do business in Canada. Successful applicants will enjoy the same benefits as Canadian citizens, including access to the country’s coveted universal health care system and access to its first class schools and universities. Let us help you confirm your eligibility and assist you in this popular yet highly sophisticated program.

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Quebec Investor Program

The Quebec Investor Program is a fast way to acquire unconditional permanent residence in Canada.

Successful Quebec Investor Program candidates can immediately start living, working and doing business anywhere in Canada, not just Quebec.

Children of new investor immigrants can begin studying in Canada, and apply to local schools and universities as a Canadian resident, instead of applying as a foreign student.


What Makes The Quebec Investor Program So Popular?

Safe investment: Guaranteed by government bonds.

Safe Program: Investment is only required upon your acceptance by immigration authorities.

Simple investment: no need to create jobs, manage a business, operate a business or engage in any particular activity.

Transparent management: the Program is run by the government, a State agency and authorized financial institutions.

Flexible in terms of age, language abilities and education level.

Financing available : provided you make the CAD 220,000 investment, a Canadian bank will loan you the remaining amount to complete your required investment.


Who Can Apply?

You must have 1.6 Million Canadian dollars in net assets. These assets can include: Real estate, Bank assets, shares in a company, investments, you can include the assets of your spouse.

You must have 2 years management experience within the last 5 years.

Investment of CAD 220,000. One time payment. It is a passive investment.

The intake period is closed. Sign up to be updated on any changes.

Did You Know There Are Over 90 Immigrant Investor Programs Worldwide?

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