Looking to work temporarily in Canada or in the US?

Identifying the right type of work permit among the many programs available is highly sensitive. It requires a careful examination of your needs to ensure compliance with Canadian or US law while also finding a solution that will meet your objectives and timetable. With the help of our immigration professionals, we can identify the best work permit option for you and your business.

Canada & USA Work Permits

Canada Skilled Worker Program

Persons belonging to a particular job category (eg nurses, engineers, etc.) can immigrate to Quebec, Canada through the skilled worker program.

If you already work in Quebec, the Quebec Experience Program for workers is for you.

Canada Work Permits

Entrepreneurs and employees who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents must obtain a work permit.

Similarly, individuals visiting Canada for business purposes need to obtain a business visitor visa.

Identifying the right type of work permit or visa is an extremely sensitive and important issue. This work requires a careful examination of your needs, to ensure compliance with Canadian law while finding the smoothest solution available to you.

Like with any important business move, it is important to have a good plan. And like with business, finding the right partners and advisors is often an important part of the solution.

USA Work Permits

In today’s global market, international mobility solutions are key to your business’ success.

Whether you are an American or international company seeking to hire foreign talent or transfer executives to an existing U.S. branch or plan to establish one, we can facilitate the process for you.

If you are an employee and wish to work for an American employer or if you plan to engage in trade or invest in the US, we can assist you in obtaining the right work permit.

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