Persons belonging to a particular job category (eg nurses) can immigrate to Canada through the skilled worker program.
If you already work in Canada, the Quebec Experience Program for workers is for you..
Skilled Worker Program

This program is for you if you wish to settle in Quebec and occupy a job. The Government will assess your capacity to integrate Quebec. Criteria such as your field of work, your age, your language skills and your academic background will be evaluated.

PEQ Program for Workers

This program is a fast track to immigrate to Canada. The Quebec Governement prioritizes those applications processing them in 20 days or less;


  • Settle in Québec with the goal of being employed there ;
  • Hold at least one diploma that corresponds, in the Québec education system, to a Secondary School Diploma or a Diploma of Vocational Studies ;
  • Have acquired training and occupational skills that will facilitate your integration into the job market ;
  • Be present in Québec as a legal temporary worker and hold or have held one or more jobs of the same nature for at least 12 of the past 24 months;
  • Have an intermediate level of French;

To assess your eligibility, please complete the form below by clicking on the following button: